Cracking Codes

Cracking CodesOpening this book will let you into the secret world of codes and ciphers - a world full of subterfuge, scheming and danger.

Inside its pages you'll learn far more than just how to send secret messages. You'll discover the history of codes and ciphers and the constant battle between the codemakers and the codebreakers - a battle that's shaped history, won wars and lost one very important person her head.

Shhh. Don't tell a soul. Put on your dark glasses and false moustache. Find a quiet corner where no one is looking and start reading. In the process, you'll learn how codes work, how to crack them and how to read minds. With any luck, you'll also put a stop to a criminal mastermind's dastardly plot.

Published by Scholastic

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Kimpton's book is an excellent introduction of the world of codes and ciphers


After being thoroughly entertained by the adventures of code-cracking secret agent Luke Warm, I suddenly realised that I knew an awful lot more about codes than any other book had ever told me.

Amazon reviewer


This book was so interesting that I had to read it slowly to make sure I absorbed every word.

Another Amazon reviewer

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