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The Knowledge - Spectacular Special Effects

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1 What's a woofer?
  a) a stunt stand-in for Lassie
  b) a gadget for making fake explosions.
  c) a sound effect for a ghost.

2 The sharks in Jaws were
  a) real
  b) full-size models
  c) both.

3 Fog is useful because it
  a) adds atmosphere
  b) hides the wires
  c) shows up light beams

4 Salt, paper, plastic and foam can all be used for
  a) snow
  b) clouds
  c) fog

5 Which was the first movie to use computer generated dinosaurs.?
   a) Star Wars
   b) The Lost World
   c) Jurassic Park

6 Which famous stage effect was invented by Professor Pepper?
  a) Pepper's Ghost
  b) Pepper's Trapdoor
  c) Pepper's Saltpot

7 Why do most movie aliens have two legs and walk upright?
  a) Because this shape is the universal result of evolution.
  b) Because the easiest way to make an alien is to dress up an actor.
  c) Because only aliens that shape are allowed to join the actors' union.

8 For the burning of Atlanta in Gone with the Wind, they
  a) set fire to the outside set.
  b) set fire to a model.
  c) set fire to the real city.

9 Animatronics is
  a) using mechanics and electronics to make puppets work.
  b) training animals to perform in films
  c) drawing pictures for animated cartoons

10 Shaking peas in a glass jar sounds like
  a) snow
  b) rain
  c) flames


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The Answers
1  b
2  c
3  All three
4  a
5  c
6  a
7  b
8  a
9  a
10 b

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