Stories for Illustration

Cover of Stories for IllustrationHave you ever fancied trying to illustrate a book? Are you an illustrator looking for a story to practise on? Are you a teacher looking for a story to boost your students' creativity. Then Stories for Illustration is just what you need.

This slim volume is a collection of five of my picture book texts waiting for you or your students to add the pictures. It's designed to help aspiring illustrators of all ages practise their skills and is ideal for artists, teachers and parents.

The book comes complete with wide-ranging permission to use the stories for personal practice and in class. It's also fun to read out loud at bedtime while children imagine the pictures in their heads.

The five stories are:

The Bear Santa Claus Forgot - a Christmas story that was one of the Children's Book Council's Children's Choices for 1996.

A Good Place for Kittens- a story about a cat looking for a home.

Doctor Hoof - about a horse doctor who insists he only treats horses until he finds it's more fun to help everyone.

The Night Mare - about a girl learning how to control her dreams.

Counting Memories - a counting story that introduces children to the sequence of family history.

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Get a free story when you join my mailing list
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