Grief is a sea of tears

Grief is a sea of tears that ebbs and flows. Now, so soon after that last goodbye, the waves are huge, engulfing me completely so I can feel nothing except sorrow, then retreating briefly, leaving me exhausted.  But just as the real sea calms after a storm, so I know my grief will steady over time. It will never disappear completely. I will always miss you. But eventually I will be healed by the warmth of your remembered smile and once again be happy.

Please feel free to copy and share these words if they help you.

6 thoughts on “Grief is a sea of tears

  1. Ragnhild

    I hope you and Steve can feel the huge surge of love which is flowing towards you from all your friends and colleagues. I have just re-read Matt’s beautiful piece, Now I can Live Again. How fortunate you were to have such an intelligent and talented son.
    All my love, Ragnhild

  2. Val

    Such beautiful words, and so true. My heart goes out to you. Your son was a very special young man, and you and Steve are very special people.
    With love

  3. Carol Barton

    Your beautiful words reduced me to tears. Matt was such a special young man and you and Steve are so brave.
    With love and many prayers,
    Carol and Arthur

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