Monthly Archives: November 2012

Two horse books that changed my life

After creating 20 novels for 7-9 year olds, I fancied the challenge of writing a horse book for older readers. But it wasn’t that book that changed my life – it was the books I encountered while I was working on it.

Before I could start writing, I needed a plot – something with wider appeal than another  “they all won red rosettes” title – so I decided to investigate the world of horse whispering. The obvious starting point was Monty Roberts so I read The Man Who Listens to Horses and a couple of his other books. Then I delved into Amazon’s “people who bought this also bought that” feature to help me decide what to try next.

Soon I had an eclectic mix of books about horses and horse training on my shelves. They all proved useful to some degree, but two of them had more effect than I had ever expected. Continue reading