Monthly Archives: May 2013

Help with self-publishing

Ever since I switched to self-publishing my books, I’ve been bombarded by questions from other authors thinking about doing the same. As a result, we’ve developed a new website called which has just gone live. It’s still in its early stages so we’d welcome feedback and suggestions on topics we should cover.

We’d also love to hear from UK-based editors, designers, illustrations and technical people who would be interested in being on our database of experts willing to help self-publishers.

The Price of Shoes

Last week I was a victim of credit card fraud. The fraudster spent almost £2000 on  a coach ticket, a stay in a hotel and some shoes. “That must have been an expensive hotel,” I can hear you thinking. But it wasn’t. The bulk of the money was spent on the shoes – £1600 for two pairs!! The fact that footwear could cost so much shocked me almost as much as being cheated.

Praise must go to MBNA for sorting everything out at top speed. It only took one phone call to get my card cancelled and the money refunded. So I’m no worse off, and the insight into how the rich live may come in handy one day in a book. No experience, however bad, is ever completely wasted for an author.