A new way of blogging

When I first decided to have a blog, I decided to have a freestanding one as I wanted to write about a wide range of subjects. However, that hasn’t worked out well in practice. Blogs work best when they are focused on a particular topic (which mine wasn’t) and I still needed to have a news page on my website. Once I added in our new website about self-publishing, life became too busy and I stopped updating my blog much at all.

After a bit of thought, I’ve decided to reorganise the way I work online. Now anything related to my own books, myself¬† or horses will get posted here as part of my author website. Anything related to writing, publishing and marketing books in general will be posted on helpwithpublishing.com. And anything about helping youngsters learn maths will eventually be on a brand new website at mathsed.co.uk.¬† Please be patient about that one – it may take quite a while to put together.