Monthly Archives: September 2016

Autumn update

This morning I did something I’ve been meaning to do for ages: I set up a Facebook author page. Maybe you’d like to take a look and add a comment.

I’m sorry there’s been a big lull in blog posts. The summer took over my time and a good bit of that was spent hopping around on crutches  because I broke my ankle. I wasn’t even doing anything exciting like riding a horse. I just slipped in the house and turned my foot right over. Apparently there’s a tendon that runs from the ankle the the outside of your foot which gets over-stretched if you do that and the result is a crack in the bones at either end. (The doctors said I was lucky not to have snapped the tendon which takes much longer to heal.)

After several weeks of poor mobility and pain, I now really appreciate being able to run again. Steve, my husband, was brilliant when I couldn’t walk. He went up to the stables every morning to turn our my horse and muck out his stable and then went back again in the evening to give him his hay. (Someone else brought him in for us.) Kubus was very good for him and obviously a bit confused by the situation. But we’re now back together again and I’m busy teaching us both to long rein (ground drive) . That’s much harder than it looks but we’re getting there slowly.

Now, the days are getting shorter, the horses are growing their shaggy winter coats and I’m finally back to writing again. At the moment, I’m working on a book about plotting in which I’m trying to pass on everything I’ve learned over the years about creating stories. Hopefully I’ll also manage to blog a bit more often.