Changing times.

It’s a long time since I started building websites with my husband, Steve. The very first one was –  a children’s book review site that we started to raise the profile of British children’s books online. It grew and grew, attracted thousands of visitors and eventually led us to start The Word Pool: a web design business that specialises in sites for writers. After ten years, I ran out of steam and stopped adding new reviews, but that original site still sat there and still got lots of visitors.

Steve and I have recently decided to retire from web design so The Word Pool is up for sale and we’ll eventually be handing over the domain to the new owner. I didn’t want all those reviews to be lost forever so I’ve spent the last few weeks going through them and moving them to a new home at  a freshly redesigned  It was a huge task but it’s finally finished. I hope you like the result.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to stop writing. Being an author isn’t just a job – it’s part of who I am so I can’t ever imagine giving it up completely. In fact, I’m hoping I’ll have more time to do it now.