Monthly Archives: August 2017

A Summer of Changes

Way back in April, I blogged about the fact that my husband, Steve, and I were planning to retire from web design. It took a long time to find the right buyers for our business but we’ve now happily handed The Word Pool over to Joe and Aya Ratzer – another husband and wife who are planning to continue with the same friendly, personal service that our customers like. They are also continuing to run Contact An Author – a website where authors advertise their availability for talks and workshops.

They took over in July and, since then, we’ve been adapting to our new lifestyle. It seemed strange at first but I’m loving having more time for my writing. I’m back at work on my book about plotting, creating a print edition of A Special Child in the Family and trying to redesign my website. But the most exciting project at the moment is creating an audiobook version of There Must Be Horses. I considered reading it myself but decided I wouldn’t do it well enough so I’ve commissioned Becky King to read it instead. She’s a professional actress/voiceover artist and it really shows. She’s bringing the story to life beautifully and I’m impressed at how she manages to create different voices for each of the characters.

Creating an audiobook takes is a big task. The book is 49,000 words long so reading it takes quite a while. Then the files have to be edited to make sure the result is perfect. So I’m not sure when it will be on sale, but I’ll tell you as soon as it is.