Monthly Archives: October 2017

An audiobook and a new edition of an old book.

I’ve been busy since I stopped being a web designer so I have two bits of exciting news to give you. The first is that the audiobook of There Must Be Horses is now available on Amazon, Audible and other outlets.

I originally thought I might read the book myself but, when I experimented, I found that it was time-consuming and technically beyond me. Then a friend introduced me to her daughter, Becky King, who is a professional voice-over artist with her own studio.  She agreed to record the book for me and she  has done it brilliantly.  She’s even given each character their own distinctive voice. I’m delighted with the result and hope lots of other people will to.

I had to slightly redesign the original cover to make it square.

The second piece of news is that I’ve finally published a new print edition of A Special Child in the Family – the very first book I ever wrote. It’s for parents of sick and disabled children and it’s been available for a long time as a free or low cost ebook and online. But I knew a few people might prefer to read the book on paper so I’ve created this edition for them.

The cover took a lot of thought because I needed an image that fitted all ages, all races and all sorts of disability — just like the book does. I also wanted something fairly light-hearted because it’s a friendly, accessible book.  I spent hours looking at suitable pictures and eventually settled for this one of a polar bear and a penguin. I hope you like it.

book cover