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Ten things I learned at the Winchester Writers’ Conference

I love the Winchester Writers Conference. It’s great to be part of such a huge, friendly group of  people who share my passion for writing. The food is good, the instruction is excellent and I always return home with my confidence and enthusiasm restored.

In case you didn’t manage to get there or you went to different sessions, here’s what I bought back from the 2012 Conference.

  1. The digital revolution is gathering speed. On the train to the Conference, I didn’t see anyone looking at a book or newspaper. Everyone was reading Kindles, iPads, laptops or phones. Continue reading

The Good Side of Bad Times

Life always has its up and downs and, for a writer, the downs can cause extra problems. Dealing with bad times takes energy that drains our creative power so, when they hit, writing often becomes impossible.

The biggest bad time of my life was the death of my son. It took away my first born child, my friend and my main advisor on the book I was writing about special effects. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate and I most definitely couldn’t write.

This was no time to pretend I could cope so my agent told my editors at Scholastic and they were brilliant. A completely open-ended extension to the deadline took away the pressure and left me time to grieve. Just as importantly, it also gave me time to think. Continue reading