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DianaHello. I'm Diana Kimpton. I've been a author for almost 30 years and written more than 40 books, lots of articles and a few scripts. You can find out about my books and read some of my articles in the other sections of my site. As the title suggests, this one is more about me and my life.

Updates on what's happening with my books, my writing and my horse.

Answers to the most common questions I'm asked when I meet my readers.

How I became a writer
The story of how I got started.

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I love hearing from my readers and other writers.

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I find online ads irritatiing so this site is an advert-free zone. However, I have linked most of the books to Amazon as this lets you read the Amazon reviews, download samples of ebooks and buy if you want to. I'm a member of the the Amazon EU Associates Programme so I earn commission on any sales on amazon.co.uk that come from those links, but I don't mind at all if you don't buy anything or prefer to use your local bookshop. .