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I have had more than 40 books for children published. Here are some of them. If you scroll down past the list of books, you'll find links to some games and quizzes based on the books.

Perfect Plan

tinybook The Pony-Mad Princess

A series of thirteen books about Princess Ellie and her ponies. The books have been translated into many different languages and have sold more than a million copies worldwide.
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Mystery Cat

Amy Wild - Animal Talker

An eight book series about a girl who can talk to animals. I devised the series as a sit-com for kids, and each book features Amy and her animal friends try to put wrong things right. The series is particulary popular in Japan and the Japanese editions look stunning, although I can't read them.
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The Alien Sheep

Alien Sheep

A story about an alien with a big problem - he's come to earth accidentally disguised as a green sheep who duplicates himself every time he goes to sleep. This book won the children's section of The Rubery Book Award under its original title - The Green Sheep.
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Doctor Hoof

Picture Books

I've written a wide range of picture books, including several for reading schemes.
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Cracking Codes


Non-fiction is fun to write, especially when I'm allowed to put in jokes. The research is fun too and lets me do all sorts of interesting things like going backstage at Phantom of the Opera and playing with an Enigma machine.
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Perfectly Pony

Perfectly Pony

A collection of exciting horse stories and facts that's suitable for boys as well as girls. The stories are all based on real events.
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There Must Be Horses

There Must Be Horses

My first book for older children and young adults tells the story of a troubled foster child and an equally troubled horse. I loved the research for this story and even bought a horse so I could try out some of the techniques I was learning about. (That's my excuse anyway - I'd wanted a horse of my own since I was a little girl.)
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