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When I first decided to be a writer, I was a raw beginner. I didn't know how to set out a manuscript, I didn't know what viewpoint was and I had no idea how to create a plot. So I set out to learn my new trade by reading books, attending conferences and starting a correspondence course that I never finished. Along the way, I have had plenty of help and encouragement from friendly writers who have taken the trouble to write those books, speak at the conferences, mark my correspondence tasks and talk to me when I met them face to face.

Eventually I learned enough to get acceptances as well as rejections, and I've now had more than 40 books published, including my Pony-Mad Princess series which has sold over a million copies worldwide. As I can't thank all those friendly writers personally, I've decided to follow their example by passing on the knowledge I've gained in the books and articles on this page.


cover of Plots and Plottingtiny book Plots and Plotting: a guide to creating stories that work

A straightforward, jargon-free book to help you create strong stories that readers enjoy. Currently available as an ebook. The print edition is underway and will be published soon..

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cover of Scenes and Sentencestiny book Scenes and Sentences: a guide to writing stories that work

The companion volume to Plots and Plotting shows you how to put your story down on paper in a way that holds your reader's attention. I'm still in the early stages with this one but hope to have it finished before too long.

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