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For Children

Diana Kimpton's Pony-Mad Princess series
The Alien Sheep
Amy Wild - Animal Talker series
Amy Wild - Animal Talker series
Amy Wild - Animal Talker
Amy Wild pairs game pairs game
Amy Wild Wordsearch
Cracking Codes Quiz
Diana Kimpton's books for Children
Diana Kimpton's non-fiction books
Diana Kimpton's picture books
Pony-Mad Princess pairs game
Pony Mad Quiz
Pony-Mad Princess wordsearch
Perfectly Pony - an anthology
Diana Kimpton's Pony-Mad Princess series
Diana Kimpton's Pony-Mad Princess series
Special Effects Quiz

For Horse Lovers

Articles for horse-lovers by Diana Kimpton
Books and articles for horse lovers
There Must Be Horses by Diana Kimpton
First chapter of Diana Kimpton's novel, There Must Be Horses.


Two horse books that changed my life
The danger of windy days
Riding side-saddle
The pain of wanting a pony

For Writers

Articles for writers
Diana Kimpton's books and articles for writers
Plots and Plotting by Diana Kimpton
Scenes and Sentences


Avoiding repetition
Why are there so few ponies in picture books?
Presents for writers
Resources for publishing print books
To rhyme or not to rhyme

Other Writing

Other articles
Diana Kimpton's other books and articles
Stories for illustration
A Special Child in the Family


Do you believe you can't do maths
Grief is a sea of tears
Writing online book reviews

About me

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How I became a writer
Diana Kimpton
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Free Stuff

Free stuff written by Diana Kimpton
Santa Claus - The Panto
   PonyExpress (PDF)
   SantaClausethePanto (PDF)
   TheRealChristmas (PDF)
   TheWhiteHorse (PDF)
   kissing is yucky (PDF)